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A NEW SUGAR MILL DRIVE COUPLING Semantic Scholar , A mill­ drive coupling was designed along the same lines as the and it is only when the mill roll is misaligned sloping The mill hydraulics can rise 25 mm journal centres are 3 048 mm and the centrelineof the coupling is a further I 857 mm from the pinionjournal

Nonlinear Coupling of Pitch and Roll Modes in Ship Motions , Enhancing power generation of floating wave power generators by utilization of nonlinear rollpitch coupling 17 August 2017 Smart Materials and Structures Vol 26 No 9 Internal resonances for heave roll and pitch modes of a spar platform considering wave and vortexinduced loads in the main roll

shaft couplings Capital Bearing Supplies Pty Ltd , Chain Couplings The Chain Coupling consists of two sprockets joined together by standard duplex roller chain This highly compact structure provides high flexibility between shafts power transmission capabilities and is durable and robust Chain Couplings allow for easy maintenance it is a simple easy oneasy off process

Ball Mill Drives Mineral Processing Metallurgy , The motor and pinion shafts are connected together through a flexible coupling This drive is the most compact resulting in minimum floor space In cases where motors must be placed away from the mill a pilot shaft extension with flexible couplings can be provided Ball Mill SPEED REDUCER DRIVE

Roll Drive Design Considerations for Steel Mill Rolling , Many older designed mills utilize single drive systems motor coupling and speed reducer to power several conveyor rolls This design uses a single motor coupling and speed reducer to drive the primary roll while four to five other rolls are coupled or slaved to the prime mover utilizing a roller chain

A Review on Chatter Analysis in Cold Rolling process , A Review on Chatter Analysis in Cold Rolling process 6 Influence of varying tensions in the mill Interstand tensions 7 Coupling of mechanical and electrical behaviour of various drive system will lead to harmonic vibrations 8 14 Excessive roll bite friction 15 Coupling of adjacent stands by strips

US3779037A Coupling for mill rolls Google Patents , A coupling for a mill roll and the like comprises a connector having a coupling bore therein with the bore having a first surface shaped for close fitting engagement with a neck portion of the roll adjacent one extremity of the coupling engagement therebetween and a second surface shaped for close fitting engagement with the roll neck adjacent the opposite extremity of such engagement and a

US2697335A Rolling mill spindle and coupling Google , United States PatentO ROLLING MILL SPINDLE AND COUPLING Application June 11 1951 Serial No 230896 i 3 Claims Cl 648 The present invention relates to drives for devices in which rolls with variable center distances are driven from shafts with xed center distances and especially to couplings and spindles for rolling mills and the like

Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings , Select a coupling for reversing service to connect a gear drive lowspeed shaft to a runout mill table roll The electric motor rating is 37 kW at the base speed and the system peak torque at the coupling is estimated to be 17000 Nm Coupling speed is 77 rpm at the motor base speed The drive shaft diameter is 100 mm with a key of 28 mm x 16

Three Roll Mill Technical Characteristic , Three Roll Mill Technical Characteristic Through this method the cem function of the 20high sendzimir mill and the deflection function expression of every roll are obtained a computational software sm4sm for the sendzimir mill has been developed by which the deflection condition of rolls s o i and a can be obviously seen the results obtained by cem have also been

Sliding bifurcation research of an electromechanical , Considering the mixed friction on load side the electromagnetic coupling torque provided by motor side and the external disturbance torque on load side the dynamical equation of an electromechanical coupling drive system containing friction under external excitation can

Omega Elastomeric Couplings , The Rex Omega HSU coupling green is specifically designed for hot and humid conditions Rexnord is the leading coupling provider in the industry with a fullline of available solutions supported by trained customer service and application engineering professionals focused only on our coupling product line For more information contact

Couplings NBK Couplings Screws Clampers , About Couplings Coupling is a component used to connect a drive shaft and a driven part for example a motor shaft and a ball screw for the purpose of transmitting the torque The main roles of a coupling include the following ・Connecting drive shafts of motors etc with driven shafts of ball screws etc to transmit power

Nonlinear vibration characteristic of strip mill under the , These two different friction sates will bring about different effects on the vibration of the rolling mill system The vibration of rolled piece will affect the rolling mill system by changing the roll gap friction coefficient Furthermore the coupling vibration of rolled piece and roll

Making seamless tubing with a floating mandrel mill , Sep 17 2001 · More than 20000 miles of tubular product a year can be produced using the floating mandrel mill seamless tubular production process This article focuses on a form of the rotary piercing process for seamless tubular manufacturepatented 115 years ago by Mannesmannassociated with a floating mandrel mill with multistand stretch mill finishing

Failure analysis of rolling mill stand coupling , Slipper couplings and drive shafts are used to transmit torque between gearbox and 3highroughing mill stands The failure of both couplings occurred on the middle roll between the first stand and the gearbox roll side Fig 2 2 Failure of couplings

Journal Of Drive Coupling For Mill Roll , Slipper couplings and drive shafts are used to transmit torque between gearbox and 3highroughing mill stands the failure of both couplings occurred on the middle roll between the first stand and the gearbox roll side fig 2 2 failure of couplingsJournal of drive coupling for mill roll

Design and Selection of Universal Joints for Rolling Mills , of spindle used to drive rolling mill rolls were wobbler couplings Fig 2 and slippers Fig 3 Wobblers are typically cast pods and are not sealed to prevent lubricant leakage Heavy metal to metal contact produces high wear and high noise levels A slipper coupling has the same rotating characteristics as a universal joint In fact a shaft

THE COUPLING RW America Couplings , Here RW offers heavy duty safety couplings torsionally rigid disc pack couplings and flexible gear couplings along with larger sizes of metal bellows couplings and elastomer couplings No matter how widely the challenges for a coupling and its function may vary RW is the pioneer in coupling technology and provides solutions for all

Multifactor coupling system characteristic of the dynamic , In the present work a multifactor coupling dynamic model of a rolling mill system for a dynamic roll gap during an unsteady lubrication process was developed on the basis of the rolling theory

Development of Hydraulic Type Gapless Coupling for , The purpose of this development is to achieve improved roll product quality by developing the mechanism which will bridge the gap between the roll and the drive shaft Key Words rolling mill drive shaft gap hydraulic coupling Development of Hydraulic Type Gapless Coupling for Rolling Mill K MORIMOTO Mill stand Drive shaft

DSL1200R1 COUPLINGS , A reference for the usage of these couplings is shown in the left illustraion In this case the shaft of the coupling is supported with a single bearing arranged as closely as possible to the outer sprocket or pulley The flex elements permit radial loads as does A3 Twin Shaft Coupling A semifloating shaft coupling is combined with a

Truck and method of transfer of drive spindle for rolling , FIELD process engineering SUBSTANCE invention relates to roll mill stand and method of axial transfer of rolls Proposed stand comprises at least one roll pair arranged in it foundation drive shafts particularly articulated shafts to drive rolls and coupling to engage drive shafts with rolls

Characteristic of torsional vibration of mill main drive , Dec 31 2015 · In the study of electromechanical coupling vibration of mill main drive system the influence of electrical system on the mechanical transmission is considered generally however the research for the mechanism of electromechanical interaction is lacked In order to research the electromechanical coupling resonance of main drive system on the F3 mill in a plant the

Analysis of VerticalHorizontal Coupling Vibration , Nonlinear dynamic rolling forces in the vertical and horizontal directions are respectively established considering the impact of vertical and horizontal directions vibration of rolls Then a verticalhorizontal coupling nonlinear vibration dynamic model of rolling mill rolls is proposed based on the interactions between this dynamic rolling force and mill structure The amplitude

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